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The allegation that Iranian football player Ali Daei was sentenced to death

The allegation that Iranian football player Ali Daei was sentenced to death

The “Belə-belə işlər” page, which has gathered enough followers with its content created in Azerbaijan, as well as the "banker.az" website, wrote that the Iranian government issued a death sentence for the well-known Iranian football player Ali Daei.

According to "banker.az", the reason for the death sentence was the football player's participation in protests against the killing of Iranian activist Mahsa Amini.

Banker.az” website shared this information on November 10, and “Belə-belə işlər” page on November 14.

The screenshot was taken from the “beleishler” Instagram page.


"The veteran striker is accused of participating in protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini in the country. Along with Daei, who is currently in prison, it is claimed that 15,000 more people will be executed," said “banker.az”.

The screenshot was taken from the “banker.az” website.

Fakt Yoxla examined whether these claims were true.

"Banker.az" also claimed that the German football club "Bayern Munich" issued a statement about the former players Ali Daei and Ali Karimi.

"We need to hear that they and their families are doing well. We have contacted the German embassy in Iran and expressed our readiness to provide support. We will keep the matter in mind", - wrote "banker.az", referring to the statement of FC Bayern Munich.

On November 18, FC Bayern Munich told Fakt Yoxla that the club has not shared any statement about Ali Daei.

The screenshot was taken from an email correspondence with FC Bayern Munich.

During the chronological research, it was revealed that the information about Ali Daei's death sentence was first published on the Facebook page of the Norwegian-based Kurdish human rights organization "Hengaw Organization for Human Rights".

"Hengaw reports that Ali Daei and Hamid Lak, who wanted to participate in the 40th day after the day of Zina Amini's death in Saqqez, were detained by the Security Service officers near the Kurd Hotel and taken to the government detention center," the news said.

The screenshot was taken from the Facebook page of the “Hengaw Organization for Human Rights”.

It should be noted that on November 14, Ali Daei expressed his condolences to the Iranians who lost their loved ones on his Instagram account.

“Greetings to my dear and honorable compatriots. In these days when most of us are not feeling well, I said no to the official invitation of FIFA and the Qatar Football Federation to attend the World Cup with my wife and daughters, to be with you in my country. I offer my condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones these days. Hoping for bright days for Iran and Iranians,” Ali Daei said.

The screenshot was taken from the “alidaei” Instagram page.

People sentenced to death in Iran are kept in special detention centers, so they do not have access to the Internet.

Persons detained in the detention center are allowed to call only by phone 1-2 times a week.

In that case, Ali Daei could not post from his Instagram page.

The Iranian Football Federation denied the execution of Ali Daei.

The Federation told the influential British sports website "Inside the games" that the information about Daei is completely false.

Iranian journalist Murtaza Karimi told Fakt Yoxla that there is no such information in the Iranian media.

"This news is completely false. There was no trial for the execution. A famous person cannot be sentenced to death easily. Ali Daei protested the situation on his Instagram page (referring to the killing of social activist Mahsa Amini during the protests). Can he be severely punished for this? Of course not!", said the journalist.

The press service of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Azerbaijan told Fakt Yoxla that the information about the execution of Ali Daei is absurd.

Fakt Yoxla tried to contact Ali Daei but he did not respond.

Fakt Yoxla concludes that the news shared by “Belə-belə işlər” and “banker.az” that Ali Daei was sentenced to death is False.

  • 7 December, 2022
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