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Rainer Rathgeber: “The internet is fast and cheap in Azerbaijan...”

Rainer Rathgeber: “The internet is fast and cheap in Azerbaijan...”

"The internet in Azerbaijan is fast, the price is cheap, and when I look at the quality and tariffs, I want to cry for Germany." 

Pravda.az reports that the statement came from the CEO of Bakcell, Rainer Rathgeber.

"I pay € 10 for 2GB of the internet in the mobile number I use in Germany. My son pays $ 30 for this service in Canada. But the quality is not so high," the chief executive said.

Fakt Yoxla decided to examine the statement.

According to the analysis of Cable, the international ICT portal, Azerbaijan ranks 155th out of 221 countries in terms of internet speed. Canada ranks 34th and Germany 42nd in terms of internet speed in that list.

As for the claim for cheapness, the average amount paid for 1 GB of mobile internet in Azerbaijan in 2020 was $ 1.86 (3.17 AZN).

This amount is $ 4.06 in Germany and $ 12.55 in Canada. At first glance, Azerbaijan is ahead of these countries in terms of low prices for mobile internet; however, the picture changes when compared to the average monthly salary.

Such that while the average monthly salary in Azerbaijan is $ 413 (703.5 AZN), this figure is $ 4,469 in Germany and $ 4,433 in Canada (the average annual salaries are $ 53,638 and $ 53,198, respectively).

Taking this into account, if we look at the ranking again, 1 GB of mobile internet package is about 0.5 percent of the average monthly salary in Azerbaijan, 0.3 percent in Canada, and 0.09 percent in Germany.

Thus, compared to Germany and Canada, the speed of the internet in Azerbaijan is low and expensive.

Fakt Yoxla concludes that the statement is a LIE.

  • 29 January, 2021
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