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Are Russian students being expelled from European universities?

Are Russian students being expelled from European universities?

Allegations of mass expulsion of Russian students studying in Europe have been spread on social networks.

The claim was made by Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian Commissioner for Human Rights, and was later circulated on social media.

Fakt Yoxla examined whether the claim was true.

Rumors about the claim forced many agencies to make a statement. Some Western universities and educational institutions have called this claim slanderous and denied it.

The European University Association (EUA), which represents 850 universities in 48 countries, said on its official Twitter account that the information was unfounded.

Authorities in Belgium's Leuven KU and France's University of Strasbourg have also denied the allegations in their official accounts.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology said it would cut ties with Russia's Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology but would help students currently enrolled in the program complete their academic affairs without interruption.

Fakt Yoxla concludes that the allegations of mass expulsions of Russian students from universities are Anti-Western Propaganda.

  • 30 March, 2022
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