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Did the Rothschilds bring Biden to power?

Did the Rothschilds bring Biden to power?

"Biden and the Democrats he represents are brought to power by the Rothschilds, one of the global financial centers".

This claim is contained in an article titled "Is the United States obstructing the processes in the South Caucasus? Why is the West worried?", published on sputnik.az.

Fakt Yoxla examined whether the claim was true.

The Democrats are one of the two main political parties in the United States. 16 members of the party, including current President Joe Biden, have been president of the United States.

The last election in the United States was held on November 3, 2020. A new president is elected in the elections and one-third of the 100-member Senate and 450-member House of Representatives are renewed.

In the United States, senators are elected for six years. Only one-third of the Senate is renewed each election period. Under the constitution, anyone over the age of 30 who has been a U.S. citizen for at least nine years can run for senator from their home state. After the November elections, Democrats became a majority in the Senate.

Biden, who wanted to become a U.S. senator from Delaware in 1972, had almost no money to run a quality campaign on the eve of the election. However, he met with voters face to face thanks to the small size of the state and the small population and distributed campaign flyers.

As a result, at the age of 30, he defeated his Republican rival, Caleb Boggs, and was elected the 6th youngest senator in US history. He served as a senator in Delaware for 36 consecutive years. Biden served as vice president during Barack Obama's presidency from 2009 to 2017.

In the 2020 election, Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States. Although Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged, his team has failed to provide solid evidence of mass fraud. Both state authorities and international observers have called Trump's allegations baseless.

As for the Rothschilds bringing Democrat senators to power, Forbes magazine's article entitled "Are America's Richest Families Republicans or Democrats?" lists 50 rich families who support US politicians. The Rothschilds are not on that list.

Thus, there is no evidence that the Rothschilds brought Biden and the Democratic senators to power.

Fakt Yoxla concludes that sputnik.az's claim is Anti-Western Propaganda.

  • 27 April, 2022
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